Earthworms for Clever Home Composting

Worm composting or perhaps to give it its correct title, vermiculture is seeing an enormous growth in status of late. This can be put down to a variety of reasons, not least the fact that it is a superb technique to recycle waste materials and produce very useful compost at the same time. Here in today’s eco aware times it is cool to use alternate recycling methods such as home composting. With vermiculture you are able to save the world a little bit and get yourself some great natural and organic fertilizer in to the bargain. Let us take a closer look at the way this method can work easily and effectively without too much effort.

The procedure is straightforward. We store red wiggler worms inside a purpose built garden compost bin and supply them the natural waste materials and the leftovers from your house, being careful to avoid such things as meat, saturated fats or oil. The red worms consume this, process it inside and out come…worm castings. But of course we will call it fabulous, rich, natural home compost – which it indeed it truly is! This compost is clean and sterile, it doesn’t stench and it is also suitable to work with — a truly non-chemical supplement. It’s amazing garden compost really good for plants, flowers and the veggie patch, and can be used to top dress. For quite some time seasoned gardeners have been using earthworm fertilizer to terrific effect. Now it can be your turn to benefit from this technique.

With regards to the setup, you can go ready made or even DIY. You can buy yourself a pre-made worm compost farm from the local garden supply store. They are cheap and effective. If you feel a little more adventurous, you could make your very own worm farm. Even though it isn’t that difficult to design your own the ready to use set up is most likely best for your first effort attempt at worm compost making, simply because it helps make every thing so easy and straight forward. Many different purpose made farming kits can be bought and most even come with a supply of earthworms to be able to get started.

Once you’re setup you will have your own private source of homemade rich compost on a regular basis and you’ll reduce the quantity of waste material you are throwing away. Worm compost is really great stuff and more importantly your garden will love it. So go ahead and start right away, it’s really a win win scenario.