Clever Clasp – Never Fight With Another Tiny Stubborn Necklace or Bracelet Clasp Again!

Most of you have seen the Clever Clasp advertised on TV. I paid this commercial no attention when I first saw it, but my Wife zeroed in the first time she saw it.

You see, she’s all the time complaining that the clasp’s on her necklaces and bracelets are too small or too hard to get hooked. She has some nice pieces of jewelry that she no longer wears because the clasp are too small or just too hard to get hooked.

She relies on me to hook the clasp a lot of the time now. I have huge hands and poor eyesight. Not a combination made for dealing with tiny stubborn jewelry clasp.

She dropped me several strong hints that she wanted a set of Clever Clasp for Mothers Day. I was skeptical, however she was persistent that she had to have those magnetic jewelry clasp for Mothers Day or else. We all know that if Momma’s not happy, no ones happy. Needless to say, she got a set of Clever Clasp for Mothers Day.

She absolutely loves her set, in fact she actually ordered Clever Clasp for all her necklaces and bracelets.

I believe one thing that sets Clever Clasp away from other magnetic jewelry clasp is the strength of the magnets and the durability of the clasp. I figured they’d fail or break in short order, but the Clever Clasp my wife purchased have been very durable.

Another side benefit that my Wife loves about these clasp are that they allow her to wear some of her bracelets and necklaces that were just a tad short or had broken clasp.

I’ve also put these on our 4 year old’s play necklaces and bracelets. She was all the time running into our home Office saying “Daddy, hook my necklace!” With these magnetic clasp, she can hook her own necklaces and bracelets and I get some piece and quiet!

Using Clever Home Security Tricks to Deter Burglars From Targeting Your Home

When deciding between homes to target for burglar, home intruders most often opt for the one more easily accessible-the one that has the least amount of obstacles in their way to their ultimate goal of plundering the home of its valuable belongings. Because of this fact, it is feasible to make your home less attractive as a target for burglars, deterring them from breaking into your home in the first place. While home alarm systems are a great way to halt an ongoing burglary from being successful, it can also act as a deterrent for many burglars who want to minimize the risk of being apprehended.

Because the burglars want to avoid being detected and caught, they often will target homes that are located in dimly lit areas. This minimizes the risk that neighbors or residents will see a suspicious figure approaching the home, whether it will cause them to call the police or whether it will lead to witnesses later down the line. Moreover, burglars will also be attracted to homes that have overgrown trees and bushes, which also provide them additional cover when they are attempting to break into your home. To reduce the likelihood that your home will be targeted, you should minimize these factors in your own home. Ensure that your home is well lit by investing in a motion sensor light that will turn on when someone approaches your home. If the person is welcome, it will not be a problem. If the person is an unwelcome intruder, it will startle them, perhaps causing them to leave or it will alert residents or neighbors of their unwanted presence. You can also reduce the risk of being targeted by keeping your trees, vines, and other shrubbery around the home well kept and well trimmed.

Watchdogs also provide a great deterrent against burglars. Because watchdogs are territorial, they pose an additional obstacle to the burglar’s mission to break into your home. Either, the dog will bark at the intruder, alerting its sleeping residents or the dog will attack if it is more vicious. Both scenarios are undesirable for home intruders; hence, there is an abundance of “Beware of Dog” signs that seek to not only warn people of the presence of dog in the home, but also to deter intruders who try to break into your home. However, you don’t need to go out to adopt a puppy just to keep your home slightly safer. For those that don’t particularly want a canine companion, you can purchase an electronic watchdog, which seeks to trick potential burglars into thinking that a dog is present in your home. How it works is simple, but effective. The electronic home security device activates by motion sensor, so that when a burglar approaches the home, it will begin mimicking the sounds of a dog, increasing in volume and frequency as the intruder gets closer and closer to the door.

While these deterrents will reduce the potential for a home intruder to break into your home, it is not a substitute for an effective home alarm system. In conjunction, these home security measures with an alarm system will work to keep your home that much safer.

Clever Porn Filter

The last twenty years, computer technology has been growing so fast. The new era that it is never written before in the history book has come. The word “internet” was so unfamiliar for us 20 years ago but now, from kids to adults, the internet almost filled our life hour by hour and day by day. It gives us big advantages but also excess that we couldn’t predict before.

This article will discuss the clever way to overcome one of the excess from internet technology, online pornography. We are all agree to create better family and better generation, we must stop our kids or people around us from online sexual media content exposure. The fast way pornography provider promotes their business is from internet. Here are some research that show us that kids and adults has been exposed to porn so much:

a. According to “themedguru” site, newest survey shocking us, it is revealed that one from three kids in England, accessing porn sites and eight from ten kids in the age bracket of 14-16 years accessing the sites from their home PC or laptop.

b. Alberta University Canada, announced their research that revealed 429 students from age range 13-14 years old in urban and rural area was reported 74% accessing adult sites from internet. This research also reported that forty-one per cent saw sexual content on video or DVD and we know today,DVD/video content very easily to be downloaded from internet.

c. Nielsen online shows their survey that one from four office worker on October 2008 accessing adult sites and more people accessing adult content in working hour nine to five.

To reduce online pornography exposure, the programmers and software developers create so many clever porn filter systems. But only some of this software works properly. Because online porn providers always search the bugs and try to create tricky methods so internet users can bypass this clever porn filter. Therefore programmers and software developers must update their software.

Here are characteristics of the best clever porn filter:

1. Stop Offensive Content Before It Comes
(Detect and block harmful websites before they loading, including newsgroups)

2. Compatible With Multiple Search Engines
(This new internet safety feature enables better protection against pornographic images when doing an “image only” search.)

3. Stop Illegal File Sharing / Peer to Peer Sharing Software
(Only program on the net to block over 50 File Sharing Programs)

4.Compatible with Multiple Browsers such as IE 5.0+, FireFox, Netscape, Opera
(Clever and effective content filtering works with any and all the popular browsers!)

5. Works with unlimited number Of Windows OS Users
(It is impossible to close or bypass by the users even the smartest one)

6. Stealth Mode
(Run undercover, not seen from the task bar, system tray, process list, start menu and add/remove programs window)

7. Stop All Chat Software
(One of the great tools for adult sites promotion is from chatting)

8. Limiting Social Networking Sites
(Blocking access to popular but potentially inappropriate services for kids such as MySpace and Facebook.)

9. Automatic Screen Shots
(Secretly capture high quality pictures of the screen every x minutes and then view with slide show later to see everything)

10. Easy URL logging
(Keeps simple logs of all websites visited)

11. Clever Keyword Filtering
(Lets you block a wide range of offensive websites both brand new and old)

12. Password Control
(The only way to turn-off the clever porn filter is with unique administrator password)

13. Clever Porn Filter are always easy to install and simple to use.

So blocking porn content from internet is very important now. Porn industries set their target via internet from kids to adults, even they stated under 18, internet users must leave their sites but there is no guarantee kids can not access the sites. It is better to make preparation as fast as possible. Make your computer safe for your kids and your family. Choose the best clever porn filter will be very helpful. Choose the one that will make you comfortable open internet access to your kids and easy to handy.

Protecting Your Home From the Ravages of Winter

The winter months are killer on most homes: heavy precipitation mixed with subzero temperatures really do a number on home exteriors, water pipes-you name it. The ravages of winter, though considerable, can also be largely prevented through clever home improvement in the lead up to the seasonal change. In fact, when home owners play it smart and keep themselves occupied with tiny projects throughout the year rather than letting such projects mount and having conditions generally deteriorate, such prevention work is remarkably easy and efficient. Wherever you’re at in your home renovation work, below are a few specific ideas for getting your home into better shape for the chilly months from December to March:

New windows: The worst thing about winter for many people is the way that the cold manages to creep into their homes-mostly through drafty, cracked old window units. Not only does this problem make home heating less efficient, but deteriorated windows can also potentially allow moisture to penetrate, potentially damaging wood and other materials in the process. In light of all this, putting in replacement windows is a great idea to confront the winter months properly. While touch up work can be done to old windows, such as filling in cracks with special expanding foam, sometimes it is best to just go with an entire new unit. Some new windows actually have superior, highly engineered glass panes that insulate better and are more resistant to shattering.

Insulated piping: Beyond feeling generally uncomfortable due to the cold, perhaps the single worst thing that can happen to a home during the winter months is for water pipes to start bursting! This can also be prevented through forward-thinking home improvement work, such as putting insulating sleeves around exposed sections of water piping. While this can be done to pipes throughout the home, it is particularly important to do this for sections of pipe that are in an unheated basement or attic, as well as for sections of pipe that are outside and won’t have their supply shut off during the coldest weeks of the year.

New siding: Just as our own skin can be damaged by the conditions of winter climes, so can the skin of our homes be damaged. Siding is essentially the epidermis of any home, and a lot of people have materials in place that are not suited to the intensity of the winter conditions in their particular area. To protect your home from further damage and to generally give it a bit of a facelift, consider having your old, cracked and ugly materials replaced with new and highly durable vinyl siding or even brick and stone veneers. There are many options as far as materials are concerned, and many colors to choose from as well. This sort of project offers a perfect excuse to go ahead and install new insulation materials in wall studs and to take care of any structural problems in the walls of your home, which can also help you prepare for winter.