Work From Your Home Business Opportunities – Caution-Clever Marketing Separates You From Your Money!

Work from your home business opportunities use clever marketing to separate you from your money. Now there’s an understatement! Having spent the last 3 years looking for legitimate work from your home business opportunities, I am absolutely amazed at how the word “opportunity” has been abused.

According to Merriam-Websters dictionary the primary definition of “opportunity” is “a good chance for advancement or progress”. Seems like a fairly simple concept right? Except when used in conjunction with the words “work from your home business opportunities”.

Let me be clear, I don’t want you thinking there are no legitimate work from your home business opportunities out there, just because I’m talking about clever marketing separating you from your money. My goal here, is to share my experiences and give you some basic guidelines to help you make an intelligent, informed decision before you invest your hard earned money in a work from your home business opportunity.

Information, Google, and common sense are the best tools you have when it comes to finding and researching work from your home business opportunities. Remember, don’t let clever marketing separate you from your money! No reputable company will ever require you to become a member or pay a fee in advance, in order to get information about them, their products, services or compensation package. If they do, you don’t want to do business with them, period!


1. Who was the company founded by and when? Where is the company’s base of operations? What is the background of the company founders, what are their areas of expertise? You can Google the company or founders name and get most of this information.

2. Find out how long the company has been in business, and what kind of reputation they have with members or customers. Go online, talk to current members, ask them about their experiences with things like support, training, product quality, payments and marketing assistance.

3. What does it cost to buy in or become a member? Are there monthly or annual fees? Is there a minimum monthly purchase required?

4. What type of product or service do they offer? Are these products or services in demand now? Will there be a demand in the future? Do you have full resale rights to these products? How are the products delivered? Is the market for this type of product saturated?

5. Find out what kind of training the company offers. Do you have access to someone with experience and knowledge of the products that can answer your questions? What type of marketing assistance is offered? Do they offer a replicated website or are you allowed to develop your own? What type of restrictions are there on the types of marketing you can use?

6. Make sure you understand the compensation package, and make sure you can realistically earn money from your efforts. Not long ago, I came across a work from your home business opportunity that offered to pay members a $10 bonus just for signing up. Sounds good right?, until I read the fine print, where it told me I needed to sign up 9000 new members, at 1 penny each before I could collect my $10 bonus.

7. Read the terms and conditions. I can’t tell you how many times I hear people talk about being “scammed” by company X or company Y, when the real problem was that they just didn’t read the terms and conditions. As I have said before, there are a lot of people out there that use clever marketing to separate you from your money. If you have all the information necessary this won’t happen.

Something else I want you to be aware of before you make any final decisions on starting a work from your home business. Anyone who tells you that you can make thousands of dollars a day starting tomorrow is lying to you. Don’t get me wrong, you can make a great income from home, but its like any other business, it takes time, energy, education and plain old hard work to succeed. There are really only 2 secrets to success, if you want to earn money from your home, they are education and experience.

Clever marketing that separates you from your money will only work if you ignore the simple common sense guidelines I have shown you. Do your research, look at all your options and learn the things you need to know in order to build a successful home career. I run my own work from your home business and I must tell you, it is by far the most enjoyable way I have ever earned a living. Taking the time to find the best work from your home business opportunity that’s right for you, could be the smartest decision you’ve ever made. It was for me!

Good Luck With Your New Business!

The Best Clever Porn Filter System

As we know, the internet era has been opened unlimited access to pornography content. Without appropriate filtering anyone including our kids and our family can access adults sites. It will give bad effects, kids will be exposed to sexual content earlier and adults may be addicted to access porn sites. They will lose their precious time and a chance to do something better. Besides that porn links sometimes contain dangerous malware or viruses that will harm your computer, furthermore, it can be the main door to steal your private data such as credit card numbers, email passwords, your online bank login and etc. This article will help to prevent this disaster to happen to you by giving direction on how to choose the best clever porn filter system.

The cheapest and massive way adult sites promote their business is from online access. Here is some research that show us that kids and adults has been addicted to access porn sites in their daily life:

-Newest survey in British, one from three kids has been accessing porn sites and eight from ten kids in the age range of 14-16 years viewing the sites from their home computer.

-Nielsen research revealed that twenty five percent office worker on October 2008 accessing adult sites and total number who accessing it in office hour has been increasing.

-Alberta University, observed that 74 % from 429 students from age 13 until 14 years has been accessing porn sites. And kids in rural area kids most likely to access pornography.

Parents and business owners can prevent action to stop pornography exposure in their home or office by installing a clever porn filter system. But they must choose the best one because online porn providers always find the filter bugs and try to create tricky methods to bypass filtering by clever porn filters.

Here are the features of clever porn filter systems that must be available so it can stop porn links in multiple direction:

1. First, the filter is able to scan and filter harmful websites before they appear.
2. The systems is compatible with Multiple Search Engines
3. The filter will detect and disconnect Illegal File Sharing / Peer to Peer Sharing Software
4. Working with All Browsers (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Netscape, Opera and etc)
5. Can be installed to unlimited number of computer, no need additional software license
6. Working in Silent Mode, so everyone do not know the filtering process has been working in computer (working behind the wall)
7. Prevent All Chat Software that potentially promoting sexual content
8. Filtering inappropriate Social Networking Sites that could be harmful.
9. Automatic capture screen activity in x minutes without being noticed by computer users.
10. Short and neat URL logging
11. Smart Keyword Scanning
12. Password Control
13. Easy to install and use.

Keeping your kids away or your workers from online sexual content is very wise. You need a proven clever porn filter that will help you do this. Please check if you already have one, is it enough? If not you know what you have to do.

Understanding Clever Container: Can You Really Make Money With Clever Container?

Founded in 2006 by Karen Eschebach and Jennifer Weaver, Clever Container is a direct sales multi-level marketing company. They offer all types of products relating towards organization and containment. They’re mission is to help everybody’s life by offering organizational products; apparently they take organization and containment very seriously. I can only imagine them having left-overs three dinners in a row because, well, it’s still fresh! During this review we will go over the products offered, the business opportunity, cost to get starter, and my final opinion over the company as a whole.

The Thing:

Containers! If I were to list all of their products, nobody would remain interested enough to finish the article, let’s just say they have a ton of products to offer! In their catalog they have 32 pages of items, each page including around 16 items, which is fantastic! I will review 3 of their products and give a brief explanation of each below!

  1. Chrome Locker Basket – They offer this product for $25 Small and $26 Large and is designed to provide storage for the bathroom, laundry room, garage or pantry. It even includes a slot for labeling purposes. Oh my.
  2. Pantry Organizer – An on-the-door hanger with twenty-four large pockets to hold bags of chips, slippers, or whatever else you can fit for $30.
  3. Contemporary Countertop Caddy – Storage for things like silverware, hair brushes, utensils and many more for $21.

After looking at their catalog and products offered, I must reinstate my assumption above; they take organization and containment very seriously! If one of the founders were my spouse, I feel as if I would get yelled at almost daily for not putting the salt shaker exactly where the salt shaker is supposed to go! That’s a joke, I’m very organized! This company kind of reminds me of another great company, Tupperware!

The Opportunity:

Can you really make money with Clever Container’s business opportunity? In order to answer this question, we must look into their compensation plan. Don’t worry; I will explain the compensation plan in a very ‘organized’ manner.

There are 3 main ways you could earn money with Clever Container’s Compensation Plan!

  1. Retail Commission – This payout is weekly and 5% commissionable from all products you personally sell.
  2. Referral Program – Every time that you personally refer or enroll somebody into your business by building a team, you will achieve a payout starting at $50.00.
  3. Become A Leader – As an Associate Director, you will get a Generation 1 Bonus of 4% and as an Executive Director you will achieve a Generation 1 Bonus and a Generation 2 Bonus of 4%, a Generation 3 Bonus of 3%, and a Generation 4 Bonus of 2%.

To Conclude, Yes, You Can Make Money With Clever Containers!

The Cost:

If you were to join Clever Containers, you must understand that you are essentially starting your own business or franchise to be more specific. All businesses require some type of start-up fee to begin! If you were to open up your own Subway, for example, you would need around $30,000! In this industry, no worries, it’s much cheaper!

In order to get started you will need to purchase one of the 2 Kits offered by Clever Container!

  1. Special Opportunity Kit – $99.00. This kit retailed valued over $228, so you’re definitely saving! It includes a Shoe Cubby, OTC Catch-All Basket, Packing Cube (Medium), Peek A Boo! I See You (item), Tote On-The-Go, Clever Shopper, Belt Hanger, Stuff It, Over-The-Cabinet Towel Ring, 25 Catalogs, 50 Order Forms, 100 Post Cards, and Training and Marketing materials.
  2. Clutter Cutter Kit – $149.00. Retail value of over $415, so very nice! It includes a Flip Flop Cubby, Shoe Box Set (4), Closet Keeper No Leak Litterbag, Over-The-Cabinet Towel-Ring, Hanging Jewelry Organizer, Tote On-The-Go, Stackable Shelf, Binware Set (2 Small), and a few other items as well as 25 Catalogs, 50 Order Forms, 100 Post Cards, and Training and Marketing materials.

Final Thoughts:

The products are all based around containment and organization of pretty much everything! If you like being overly organized, you’ll love their catalog and products! I like that they have a large amount of items to choose from. Something I look for in any company is constant expansion and due to the fact that they offer so many products and have only been opened since 2006, I can only assume they expand constantly and rapidly!

The opportunity is nice but doesn’t have enough payouts to make me happy. They include other payouts in which I didn’t list, however. I only discussed the 3 main payouts in which they offer, but even with all the payouts, it doesn’t satisfy me. I’m personally more interested in building a team and successful business while making a substantial amount of income! This is the type of company for those interested in just kind of making some money on the side as a secondary income.

The cost is very affordable and I like that they have more than one kit to choose from! With the kits, they offer a good amount, not great, but good amount of products for you to get your business going and growing immediately. However, some of the items listed in their kits have silly names and you would have to go through their entire catalog and look for each item in order to see exactly what it is you’re getting!

*Dustin Hale is NOT affiliated with Clever Container or their business/income opportunity

Solar Passive Homes Require The Correct Building Materials To Be Most Effective

Creating a fantastic solar passive energy efficient home requires new home designers and architects to pay more attention to the building materials that will be used during the construction phase that they have been used to in previous years.

Solar Passive design is the art of utilising the suns natural solar energy for heating and the winds natural movement for cooling, along with other more technical aspects of the design which include thermal mass and radiated heat and many other concepts that goes into the science of solar passive design.

For the most part, it has been common for builders to want to stay with their tried and true methods of construction and only adjust the way homes are designed rather than pay too much attention to the need of changing the actual building materials themselves. Australia in general has been very slow to adopt new building technologies, and they are rarely seen used in general suburbia.

But for Australia to adopt the new 6 star energy efficiency rating later this year in May of 2011 it will be critical that the whole approach to building be revised. Traditional building materials need to be changed with new materials adopted to enhance a clever home design, otherwise the effort can largely be wasted.

So what materials are in question here? The simple answer is, everything. Everything should have to justify if it is warranted to be used in new home construction. From concrete through to brickwork, aluminium windows through to roof timber, the types of roof cover and all the fixtures and fittings within the home.

Each product has its own manufacturing carbon footprint, from the delivery of raw materials to creating and delivering the finished product into a new home. Home owners of today should be able to see which door handle has a lower carbon cost than others. Which benchtop for their kitchen is more sustainable than others. Which brick requires less water to create.

I’m not a fan of carbon tax at all – and actually any implementation of such is another failure of the Australian Government to address the real issue. If materials required energy efficiency warning labels, similar to food, businesses will then be forced to compete amongst each other to become more green conscious. That effect in and of itself will promote change and cause many products to be removed from our market shelves.

So if you’re looking to build a new solar passive energy efficient home, look not only at the immediate home design. Take a closer look at the advantages of each separate building material and work out which one is most suited for your new home. Recently different types of roof materials, concrete roof tiles or colorbond steel, were compared against each other to see which would be better on a solar passive home which can be reviewed at the solar passive home plans web site.